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Positions Open - Licking Township Board of Zoning Appeals & Zoning Commission

The Licking Township Trustees will be accepting resumes or letters of interest from township residents through April 30, 2019, for one (1) permanent member to be appointed to the Licking Township Board of Zoning Appeals and one (1) permanent member and two (2) alternate members to be appointed to the Licking Township Zoning Commission. – More Information

2018 Financial Report Complete

The unaudited Annual Financial Report for 2018 is complete. – More Information

Upcoming Events

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2018 In Review

  • Grand opening of new firehouse
  • LTFC responded to record call volumes
  • Road department resurfaced, plowed, mowed, maintained, and performed culvert repairs to approximately 45 miles of township roadways
  • Received several beneficial grants to enhance and improve Fire Department and Road Department equipment and apparatus
  • Made multiple physical improvements to the Jacksontown Cemetery
  • Provided excellent zoning services to meet residential, building and property needs
  • Began construction of the current (and now operational) township website to better serve the needs of the community
  • Continued to provide prudent fiscal management of township resources
  • Road Department added a new International dump truck to their fleet
  • LTFC added a new multi-purpose UTV to their fleet