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Misty Meadows OPW Project

Sealed bids for "MISTY MEADOWS OPW PROJECT" in Licking Twp will be received until 4:00 p.m. on September 2, 2022.

Misty Meadows - Legal Notice
Misty Meadows - Bid Packet

Avon Place & Misty Meadows Phase II Other Roads Resurfacing Project

Sealed bids for resurfacing "Avon Place & Misty Meadows Phase II Other Roads" in Licking Twp will be received until 4:00 p.m. on September 2, 2022.

Avon Place & MM Phase II Other Roads - Legal Notice
Avon Place & MM Phase II Other Roads - Bid Packet

Upcoming Events

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Letter to Licking Township Residents - 06/21/22

Residents of Licking Township:

On this 1st official day of Summer, it is our hope that you and your family are staying cool and enjoying the many activities that Central Ohio has to offer.

As promised previously, we want to share some of the many things accomplished in 2021:

  • Completed Marianna Rd project via 2020 OPW Road Grant
  • Completed soffit and weatherization repairs to Road Garage
  • Purchased new salt box spreader for Road Dept
  • Chip and Sealed over 5.66 miles of township roads totaling $111,758.92
  • Purchased new Pick-up Truck for Road Dept via BWC Refund
  • Initiated new comprehensive Road Maintenance/Condition/Grading spreadsheet
  • Road Dept Employees received pay increase
  • LTFC Employees received $2.00/hr pay increase
  • LTFC Fire Chief received salary increase
  • Annual LTWP Earth Day Roadway clean-up (18 bags of trash & 8 tires totaling 1 ton of trash was picked up)
  • Collected 72,184 lbs of recycling material (increase of 14,775 lbs from 2020)
  • Sale of obsolete assets via GovDeals totaling $27,802.61
  • Contracted for restoration of 11 additional headstones at Jacksontown Cemetery
  • Received $500 MORE Grant for Road Department
  • Issued 79 Zoning Permits; Record # of Zoning Hearings: Board of Appeals Variance Hearings (8); ZC (3)
  • Received multiple Fire Grants for various equipment
  • Purchased 15 sets of new gear through $10K State Fire Marshall Grant + additional Fire monies
  • Took possession of 2020 Braun Ambulance ordered in 2020
  • Initiated EMS Soft Billing effective 6/1/21
  • Received ARP Funds 1st tranche totaling $259,206.50
  • LTFC recorded 1206 runs in 2021 (this is 39 less than 2020)

In 2022, you will see our Road Department Technicians mowing, trimming, crack sealing, replacing signs, and maintaining the township ditches and cemeteries. Licking Township Fire Company is also keeping quite busy. As of this letter, LTFC has responded to 681 Fire/EMS/Dive runs while completing numerous fire inspections, rope training, HazMat Training, EMS Training, Paramedic Refresher Courses, and attending Dive School classes. Our Zoning Department reports an increase in development and construction projects within the township and to date has issued 47 Zoning Permits and 3 variances. Many, many great things happening in our township so far this year!

Once again, we thank the men and women who serve our township every day through our Fire & EMS Services, Road Department, and Zoning Department and who continue to be hard at work in 2022.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Trustee John Holman 740-404-4721; Trustee Dave Miller 740-404-4720; or Trustee John Cormican 740-899-6451.

Have a safe and relaxing summer!

John Holman, Chairman