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Licking Township Road Bid Packet

Sealed envelopes containing bids must be addressed to the Licking Township Board of Trustees, c/o Andrea Lynch, Fiscal Officer, 8332 Licking Trails Road, Thornville, Ohio 43076, and have the name of the bidder and "AVONDALE ROADS OPW PROJECT" printed on the outside.

Sealed bids are due by 4:00 p.m., June 14, 2024.

Avondale Roads OPW Project - Road Bid Packet

Avondale Roads OPW Project - Road Bid Form

Avondale Roads OPW Project - Required Bid Items

Community Planning Information

PowerPoint presentation from the Community Planning Meeting on 5/8/2024.

Civility Pledge

View the Licking Township Board of Trustees Civility Pledge

2023 Financial Report

The unaudited Financial Report for Licking Township for FYE 2023 is complete. The report is available for inspection here.

By the Order of Andrea M. Lynch, Fiscal Officer

Licking Township Fire Company Job Openings

The Licking Township Fire Company is accepting applications for the position of part-time Firefighter / EMT / Paramedic.  Licking Township Fire Company will immediately begin filling positions on an as-need basis.

Job Posting Information & Requirements

Upcoming Events

For upcoming Licking Township events, please visit our events calendar.

Letter to Residents - April 2024

Residents of Licking Township:

We are starting to see the signs of Spring….from the trees budding and grass greening to heavy rain and even some high winds! Spring also brings longer days, warmer weather and a chance to get a jump start on summer projects. Whether you are wanting to add a deck, build a room addition, install a pool, or are considering any other construction on your property - please be sure to contact Licking Township Zoning Inspector Doug Howell @ 740-973-5042 for a zoning permit before you begin your project.

As we continue to read and hear about the expansion and development plans to our west with businesses such an Intel and Microsoft and the necessary infrastructures to support such expansive developments, Licking Township Zoning will be a top priority for us over the next several years.

We are already taking steps to stay ahead of the curve. We are proud to announce that we have partnered with Crossroads Community Planning to assist us in evaluating our Licking Township Comprehensive Plan. Although our current Comprehensive Plan has served us well, it is time to dust it off and evaluate areas that may need revamped. As a part of this process, we were asked to identify and field a team of township residents to serve as volunteers on the Licking Township Strategic Planning Committee. We are excited to say we have a great team of volunteers, all of whom bring to the table a variety of backgrounds, education, knowledge and experiences!

As I draft this letter, the committee has already held their 1st meeting AND have been working on a community survey to ask residents what they envision for the future of Licking Township! We encourage each of you to fill out and return the survey and let your opinions be heard.

Additionally, a community planning meeting is slated for May 8, 2024, to be held at Lakewood High School at 6:30 p.m. in the auditorium. This will be a great opportunity for residents to learn more about Crossroads Community Planning and their role in helping us prepare and navigate the inevitable changes, challenges, and opportunities associated with development and growth.

Please mark your calendars to attend this informational meeting. Be sure to check out the Planning page on our website for more information and details about our partnership with Crossroads Community Planning as well as any updates regarding planning in Licking Township.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Trustee John Holman 740-404-4721; Trustee Dave Miller 740-404-4720; or Trustee John Cormican 740-899-6451.

Happy Spring!

John Holman, Licking Township Trustee Chairman